Buy Back Program

What is the Buy Back Program:

This program will offer you a sales outlet for your steers at a Premium Price. We will be offering a Premium which would result in a $5.00 per hundred over current Market price. We will also not deduct for shrinkage, commission, yardage or marketing. This will result in a 10-11% premium payment on your calves. There will be a few requirements that will have to be met in order for your steer calves to qualify for our VOA Genetics Buy Back Program


1. Steer calves MUST be guaranteed to be out of Valley Oaks Genetics
2. Steer calves must weight a minimum of 600 lbs. and be a maximum age of 11 months
3. Steer calves must be weaned a minimum of 2 weeks prior to delivery
4. Steer calves must be cut with a knife (not banded)
5. Steer calves must be regularly vaccinated
6. Steer Calves must be Free of all Growth Hormones
7. Primarily black hided calves. Meaning Black or Black-Baldy

The Process:

Valley Oaks will be in contact with you periodically to see what available calves you would be interested in selling. If we have not contacted you, please feel free to let us know what you have available for sale, that meets our criteria.

A representative from VOA will then come out to physically inspect the calves. Once inspected and approved for the VOA Genetics Buy Back Program, a price will be determined based on the current Market Prices.

Calves will then need to be delivered to Valley Oaks (Lone Jack Farm), delivery will be at the seller’s sole cost. If you are unable to deliver we can assist in the delivery to the VOA Lone Jack Farm. Weights and prices will be finalized upon delivery. Valley Oaks may DNA test calves to confirm VOA Genetics and hormone free calves upon arrival to VOA.

Values of the VOA Buy Back Program

1 Steer Calf = 600# at current market price of $1.50 per lb. = $900 (Example, market price based on 2-15-2016 prices)

$.05 Premium on VOA Genetics= $30 per head

Saving on shrinkage/Commission/Yardage/Marketing (6.5% approx.) = $58.50 per head

Per Head Value: $88.50 per head

Average of 15 calves per year: $1327.50 per year added value

4 Years Average Use for Herd Bull: $5,310.00 TOTAL ADDED VALUE.

Our Buy Back Program will pay for your Bull purchase of a 4-year term based on our Premiums and Savings alone.

We are very excited to offer this program to our Bull Buyers. We believe Valley Oaks Angus offers superior genetics and carcass value over any other breed and seed stock producer in our area. We are confident that our Bulls will produce a superior calf crop for our Bull buyers. We want our Bull buyers to see this value by compensating them with a premium on their superior calf crop.

Valley Oaks Angus has recently been contacted about providing beef on the retail market to our local Grocery Markets, Grain Valley Market and Oak Grove Market. A few select retailers have had the beef produced from Valley Oaks Angus Genetics and want to market this product in their retail Grocery Stores. Along with your help, we can truly create a Pasture to Plate product that is locally bred, raised and processed for our local grocery markets. You as a cow/calf producer, will be able to physically see your product and help feed the local community.